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Holy cow it's been a while

Posted on Thursday 6.4.2009 at 20:00
Where I'm at: Atlanta, GA
I'm feeling a little: itchy
Well hello LJ, you old thing :D I moved from Alaska to Georgia and I figured since I was putting updates in my Facebook, I should come back here and tinker around a bit. I haven't really journaled in a while either, so catching up on that might not be a bad idea. So, let's introduce some key event's/players

-OMG I moved out of Alaska.
-Jordan: the 6 month boyfriend
-Erm, I've divorced, hence a boyfriend.
-Oh yeah, HA! I'm divorced, I should probably post about that soon.
-Erm....that's all for now. On with the scribblings!

So I left Anchorage just over a month ago and the first few weeks were great. Jordan and I went on a household shopping spree and got as much "stuff" for the apartment as we thought we needed: a microwave, spatulas, a pizza cutter, a toaster, pans, Swiffer things, cleaning solutions, towels, important paper products, dishes etc. We had a BLAST. I got my second taste of what the sun is like outside of Alaska and I gotta say that every time we meet it gets easier to handle. The humidity isn't even THAT bad, but then again it really isn't summer just yet. Good signs of my survival, regardless. It took us a few weeks to find furniture to replace the slightly-less-than-luxurious camping chairs that we had, but we eventually found some computer chairs that we loved as well as a couch that we got for a steal from a couple that were headed to Africa for two years for the Peace Corp. Sarah and Jacob, they were a real blessing. Anyway,the chairs gave us hell and we had to return them approximately 4,000 times before we finally got two that would assemble without the screws stripping. Ok we only had to go back three times, but that's still enough to vex a person. The couch on the other hand has been a God send and we LOVE it.

Things were going pretty well aside from the lack of jobs or at least job responses regardless of how many resumes I emailed via craigslist, monster.com and yahoohotjobs.com. In the meantime Jordan introduced me to the Bishops: his Aunt Sheryl Uncle Rob and their offspring Zach, Jake, Rebecca, Parker and Konner who are all a hoot to say the least. I've always enjoyed bigger families, and I felt welcomed and at ease immediately. It helped that everyone in the house plays some kind of computer/console game which just makes it that much easier (if not more fun) to relate to everyone. I would like to take a moment to brag about Sheryl and her cooking abilities. The woman has been deeply blessed.

So Jordan and I eventually got almost all the way settled in, save a box or two, when something nither of us were expecting or really prepared for. I'll save most of the details until after we're done with the insurance company but we went to the Bishop's for Memorial day weekend and when we came home we found the patio door frame busted in (the door was closed, how nice of them not to let the bugs in) and about $6k worth of electronics stolen. A42" TV, his custom computer, 3 laps tops (two of which came from friends of his that he was going to tinker with), 3 ipods, our brand new SoundSpa alarm clock that RULED, two cell phones and Jordan's award embroidered military backpack that had his laptop in it. Oh, and Jordan's comforter. Needless to say we were a little more than upset, but nither of us are the types to freak out so we called the police and the insurance company to get all the paperwork and stuff taken care of.

Officer Patton was great and gave us some valuable information pertaining to our apartment complex and the surrounding area. He said he could count how many thefts he'd been called to in our area and our specific complex in the last 5 years that he's been in the downtown Atlanta area. We're right next door to Georgia Tech and the scum bags target college kids for pretty obvious reasons. If you're going to Georgia Tech, chances are high that you've got some pretty shiny electronic thingies. Bad news for us. He told us that if we could to get out of Dodge. Thankfully we were able to. We made our opinion of the whole situation and the Apartment complex exceedingly clear to the Apartment Administration and they've let us out of the lease.

We both found it fascinating that neither the apartment "patrolling security" noticed anything, nor anyone on the street (which is a high traffic street on the weekends as there's a club two blocks from where we are). Apparently that's your friendly neighborhood downtown Atlanta manners. I'd like to take a moment to go a bit off color and express that my past relationships and experiences with the Black populace in general has been pleasant, but I'd never run into N*****s before, and they're a very specific breed of people that I really wouldn't miss if they got lost in a mine field. I digress.

At first Jordan and I planned on moving out to Lawrenceville where the Bishop's live (and where the white people congregate), but then we were generously offered the chance to live with Jordan's parents and sister in Virginia (and more white people!), which we are more than happy to take. Also, Jordan's sister Aubrey has volunteered to give up her room for us which I'm not sure how to thank her for, but I hope we can eventually convey how much we appreciate her sacrifice :) She's definitely one of the coolest sisters that I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet, but I'm excited to! Going to Virginia will definitely save us the cost and paper-pushing of moving into another apartment, and there are significantly more jobs in the area that we'll be joining the Desmet's in. I've already sent out about 10 resume's none of which I've heard back from just yet, but my phone's been dead for two days. A problem which definitely needs fixing as my charger was swiped with my adjunct cell phone. Funny note: my computer was left completely alone. I was grateful, if not a little insulted that they didn't take my computer; but then again mine doesn't glow with pretty blue LCD lights. I'm digressing again.

So that's pretty much it at the moment aside from the second degree sunburn that I've been nursing. I'm peeling like something that peels a lot and the blisters have subsided (they were on my shoulders). Edit: I should probably explain where I got the sunburn. Last weekend on Saturday Jordan and I went to the Zoo for an hour or two. On Sunday we went to the Georgia Renaissance Fair which was nothing less than awesome. There was jousting and gyros and shiny things and GARB oh the garb. We had an absolute blast while I was a complete dunce and spaced the SPF. Oh did I pay. Some spots my skin looks (and feels) like it's been in the broiler a bit too long, but between the vinegar, aloe, after sun lotion, coconut oil and neosporin I'm recovering right on time. The only thing I would have liked to have was lavender essential oil to but in the bath this morning, which I will have to get later. It's good for just about everything aside from scurvy. But going out has been a formidable task that I'm near conquering. I'm guessing by monday, hopefully.

First month away from Alaska down, month two: here I come!

An LJ, more posts to come as well. I'm all excited :D


*enter stage left*

Posted on Tuesday 12.4.2007 at 18:25
Listening to: Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

*Kelly gank*Collapse )

Surprise, I know. Making a short appearance to let people know I'm alive. Still working at North Star. LOVE IT. Best decision I've made thus far, other than dating Josh which I'm still doing (11 months now). He's currently in Pennsylvania with his family as they grieve the loss of grandpa Jerry. I have no emotional attachment to any member of the family other than Josh and his mother, Jodi, so before you ask, I'm fine.

Josh will be coming home 20Dec07 and leaving 01Jan08 for block leave and will hopefully be completing Army training by somewhere around April. He's changed a LOT, in a good way, and I can't wait to get him home. We've been talking about getting married sometime in '08, but we're waiting to talk about that in more detail when he comes home for block leave. More on that later.

I'm completely consumed by work, so I'm either at home or at the office, and so far I am happy to be at either location. I'm seeing on average about 20 clients a week, I'm starting to get my bills paid off, and am happier than I've been in a while. Not much else to report. Cut my hair a week ago. Have bangs now. Need to update pictures. No time for TV hardly at all. Jena was kind enough to lend me the first season of Heroes and though I thought I was addicted, turns out I am not because when she gave me the link to the online eps of the second season, I didn't download them. In fact I've been to the site twice, and decided I wasn't patient enough to download said eps. This could be from the fact that I have a life, but seeing as I don't, I have no explanation as to why I have not made popcorn and am impatiently waiting for the next installment. *shrug*

I've also been battling my room getting cleaned, but thus far is has royally kicked my heiny for the past, oh, 4 months. This is a sad, sad proclamation because I consider myself somewhat of a clean freak these days. Not in the abode, apparently.

Speaking of abodes, I've got an apartment lined up that is currently being inhabited by Adam and Sherri who plan on moving out sometime after the new year. They're expecting to be able to slap a down payment on a condo/townhouse sometime late winter/early spring, and I'm first in line for their place, which is great, seeing as I already know most of the idiosyncrasies of the damn place. All it needs is a new washer/dryer and a new fridge is on the way, they're thinking. It's RIGHT up the road from work, and it's still on my side of town so I wont have to re-adjust to new stores and such. Booo.

Well, that's all for now. I've got a solid 3.5 hours before I need to hit the sack, so to cleaning mode I go. Hope everyone's having Christmasy feelings, and if not...well...bah humbug.

Over and out.

Jack Quoi

AT&T buys Cellular One

Posted on Monday 9.10.2007 at 11:49
I'm feeling a little: excitedexcited
For those of you who haven't seen this, this means AWESOME NEWS for Alaskans and our atrocious cell phone plans. I can't believe I didn't see this sooner.


I don't want an iPhone, but I would like a nationwide plan that wont cost me my firstborn that I don't have, nor plan on having. As SOON as AT&T makes the move I am SO there. ACS sucks.

Stupid Love

New iPod Nano

Posted on Thursday 9.6.2007 at 18:43
I'm feeling a little: excitedexcited

...and it's mine :D

well...on monday anyway.

Calvin Opinions

Soldiers and the Media

Posted on Monday 8.27.2007 at 19:56
I'm feeling a little: jealousintrigued
Here's where the original column is found: http://www.mcclatchydc.com/galloway/story/16478.html

Here's the article:

Friday Morning at the PentagonCollapse )

The media hasn't seen it fit to tell this story. God Bless America; He can ignore our press.


I decided

Posted on Saturday 8.25.2007 at 23:41
I'm feeling a little: accomplishedaccomplished
North Star.

For all the reasons I mentioned below, and another that pointed out: there's a high probability that I would eventually be underpaid and worked to the bone at BHPW whereas at North Star I can do a max of 4 a day (5 on rare occasion) and get paid the same if not more with a regular clientèle.

We're adding another chiropractor that ran a million dollar business in Washington all by himself and I'm going to be the main therapist, so there's only room to grow. If push comes to shove I can easily go back to Career Academy and take their insurance coding/billing specialist program and do that part time during the slow seasons.

I'm happy with my decision and so is my Doc. He appreciated that I took the time to think everything over because regret is one thing he did want me to have beaconing at me, regardless of where I ended up.

For now, it's tea and book time, with some popcorn methinks.


P.S. Kelly- Feel free to email me whenever you'd like: elisanorman@gmail.com



Posted on Friday 8.24.2007 at 00:09
Ah, this makes almost everything better.



Posted on Thursday 8.23.2007 at 22:52
I'm feeling a little: grumpyconflicted
Listening to: Come What May - in my head
Soooo remember that fabulous job that I landed, mentioned yesterday? Yeah, I'm in a bit of an awkward position right now. Here's the lowdown.

I talked to the Doc that I'm working for today and he said that unfortunately by contract I need to give him 30 days before I can leave. I TOTALLY forgot so right now the only thing I need to worry about is if BHPW will wait 30 days for me. Somehow I'm skeptical, because that would just be too easy if they wouldn't; for me anyway. So I left them a message this afternoon and haven't heard back.

Now, if they do wait for me, here's my problem. The main therapist that I work with is accepting a government job and will only be working Saturdays, so I will inherit ALL her clients, which is TEH AWESOME. Most of them aren't so attached to her to the point that they wont see me, so I have a greater chance of getting what I really want need: a regular paycheck. And that can sometimes (especially in my case)be a difficult thing to achieve straight out of the shoot.

So here are the pro's (+) and Cons (-) that I have so far:

Follow the cutCollapse )

Anyway, I'm going to go read for a while, then hit the sack.



Am shamlessly addicted to quizzes.

Posted on Wednesday 8.22.2007 at 21:42
I'm feeling a little: hopefuldivertive
Carnival ride thingCollapse )


It's a Holiday

Posted on Sunday 4.8.2007 at 14:42
Happy Easter everyone!

Eat chocolate bunnies and eggs and be glad Jesus came back then went home.



Harry Potter Fans:

Posted on Thursday 3.29.2007 at 22:45
Look at this *giggle*



Neck Heart

I've been tagged! Huzzah!

Posted on Sunday 3.18.2007 at 00:34
I'm feeling a little: tiredtired
Yay bulky_monster for the tag. I'M SO BORED!

I smell like bar and miss my boyfriend. For no good reason. I saw him 5.5 hours ago. Moving on.

ListingnessCollapse )

Oh, to the lovely bulky_monster and mermaidrain sorry i didn't respond to your comments earlier. Yes Jena, my email is still the same. No worries, hope you're having fun traveling. Sorry to hear about the sucking of the plane and lateness and such. Poo. Kelly, yes run on sentances are of the fun! I also rule at them. But I smell like a bar and am eager to sleep so that i may wake up, shower, and be of the clean and smell good-ness.

Goodnight my lovelies!


Ah, the lack of payment and things

Posted on Saturday 3.10.2007 at 19:32
Where I'm at: le home
I'm feeling a little: awakeawake
Welp, this shows how much I like LJ. I'm down to 8 icons, I don't really care, and I haven't posted in a month. Dear God, what HAS happened.

Life! Life I say! Schoolis going well, we just finished 2 weeks of clinic, and now we get two weeks off of clinic which is fantsatic. School is still in session, but clinic is on pause.

For all you Anchorageinians out there: Clinic starts back up in two weeks and on TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, and SATURDAYS you can make an appointment for a 1 hour full body massage for $20 and tip, should you choose to leave one.

Anyway, all is well in the land of Elisa. Boyfriend is fabulous and might join the Marines soon, my wrist hurts due to being stupid, ice is now my friend, but not in drinks, i have no tolerance for boys that just ditch girls (and vice versa), I'm addicted to meeting people who are significant in people lives who happens to be significant in my life, I quite enjoy waking up to the face of someone I love, yes, I'm still a virgin and plan on staying so until licenses are signed and such, I hate not getting 8 hours of sleep, i love talking for hours in candle light, i also love long walks on the beach (ooooooh that's funny), almost all the servers at Villiage Inn now know me personally along with Elissa and Josh, it's brilliant, I love it when people stand up for me, I love Uno, the next Harry Potter totally comes out in like 4 months, according to tickle.com i have the IQ of 126, I can't wait to graduate and move out, the brother and his wife are excellent, the padre and I are cool, I REALLY hate money, I hate what it does to people, I don't watch TV anymore, I rarely watch movies, I love pool, I shall soon become good at everything, and then snowflakes will be colored and everyone will smile everyday and be happy. And that is how it will be.

Ah, the ramblings of me. Enjoy it, don't question it. That's all. The easiest way to contact me at the moment is via the emailness which you shall get if you ask for it in this particular entry, in which all comments will be screened because I can. Yays!

Also, 300 RULES and anyone who hasn't seen it is retarded and must see it as soon as possible or you will die. Soon.

....IT'S SO GOOD!!

Gerr rocks everyone's world.



Posted on Sunday 2.11.2007 at 15:25
I'm feeling a little: contentcontent
Listening to: Animaniacs
Yellow!! Posting a random entry to say that no, I'm not dead, I just have a life and school and stuff and have little time to sit and type. Kinda sad actually. Anyway, I shall try to catch up with everyone's posts and such, but for now random updates:

-boyfriend thing going well
-school going well, got a 99% overall grade in class
-haven't started the hardcore working out yet, but i'm starting a book that will start the ball rolling. muy excited about it
-must do taxes still *facepalm*
-still love will smith
-and no matter what a stripper tells you, there's no sex in the champagne room
-can't focus now



Quick update

Posted on Saturday 1.20.2007 at 15:56
I'm feeling a little: nerdydiggle
Tags: ,
I've found that LJ has recently begun to NUMB MY MIND WITH BORDOM. There are the occasional entries that I go "oooooo" at, but they're few and far between and it gets slightly tiring typing out my thoughts (after finishing this entry, hindsight says I'm lying here), and those of you that have heard me talk should know exactly what I mean. Random is my middle name, but I'm also long winded. How I've gotten this far with LJ is a miracle in itself. In conclusion, LJ just isn't shiney enough for me at the moment. I'm sure I'll come back around someday, but the stuff that's going on in my life right now I only care to share with those whom I see on a regular basis. Surprisingly enough, none of them have LJs that I'm aware of. So, I digress.

Disclaimer: A lot of what's coming is opinion, I'm not attacking anyone, but if you get offended think about why it offends you. Thinking is not illegal and is highly recommended. Also, any typos in there I’m too lazy to fix. My apologies in advance.

[Unknown LJ tag]so</i> comfortable with who they are or how they look that they think they shouldn't have to change because God made them "just the way they are." Yes, sweetheart, he did. However, the attitude that you just gave that waitress over there, not from God. That's from your own fucked up character that you "don't need to change" because you're content with who you are. Being content with totally ruining someone's day doesn't exactly seem Godly to me. But you're not concerned about what other people think. Yeah no, that's good.

Has anyone every told you that you're ugly? Yeah. Take that with you. If anyone every says that, either they're lying and they're trying to find faults in you to trump their own, or they're being honest and you're a complete dick/bitch/whore/bastard/etc. Think about it.

Also, being overweight isn’t healthy. Yeah, we all understand this and have accepted it to the point that we don’t think there’s anything we can do about it. There absolutely is, but no one wants to because it takes effort. Give me a fucking break. Take 3 weeks, make a routine, and KEEP IT. Tip: working out for 2 weeks then breaking for 3 will NEVER help you. Within a week your muscles begin to shrink back to their most lethargic selves and then stay there once they achieve maximum blah-ness. Our bodies are LAZY; to the MAX. If you’re going to slim down you have got to stay with it. This isn’t some small 3 week journey that will end and be permanent. Really losing weight and keeping it off is a life change. So change your character first, then you can change your body. I lost 30 pounds last summer, and have been lucky enough to only gain less than 10 back, but that’s because I lost it the hard way. There was nothing easy about what I did (straight diet and exercise), but it’s paid off. I’m bored of this subject now. Moving on.

6- I plan on starting a mini bodybuilding routine with a friend of mine within a month or so. Little known to most people, the actions that body builders take (the sane ones that know what they're doing, and done use roids) is the most ideal way to lose fat. Side note: if I EVER hear someone say "it turns fat into muscle" again my head is going to explode. I know what they're trying to say, but most people take things at face value and that's just not a good thing anymore. It's chemically impossible to turn fat into muscle. Also, it's physiologically impossible for women to lift weights or work out and bulk up. In order for you to look at ripped as fitness women, or women body builders you have to take your routine to the PSYCHO level and use roids. Women were not meant to look like men, so we don't. Stop whining about beefing up and lose your damn fat the right way. STFU bitches! Back on track: I plan on losing at least 40 pounds by the end of summer, possibly up to 60. But that would be going a little far. I don't want to lose more than 55 for my height and built.

7- I hate octopus. I shall not elaborate because it squigs me the fuck out.

8- I'm bored of this game.

9- I'm currently the girlfriend of the most amazing man I've ever met next to my brother. For those of you that have met my brother, seen he and I interact, and have heard me speak about him (none of you can claim that title), you'll understand exactly the weight of what I just said. For those of you that don't, sucks to be you a little. Man I'm feisty today. I think it's LJ again. And I'm tired of a few people. Also, when some of you ask questions about this subject you'll get answers. Others of you wont, because of one or more of the following reasons: 1- You don't care other than having something new to talk about, 2- You don't have the weight in my life to deserve to know, 3- I don't want to hear whatever it is you have to say, 4- You're the teasing type and I don't have the patience for that shit anymore, thankyouverymuch (except for certain individuals who have the right to) 5- I don't want your advice. If I wanted it I would have said, "So what do you think?" So, unless you hear me utter that phraze, I really don't care how many times you and your S.O. faught over the remote control before you learned that life's to short, and you should have sex to make up for it. I'm pretty sure I can figure that out on my own. That's all. Moving on.

10- I'm a huge fan of girls getting out and dating. Not having sex and getting in trouble, but just going out and dating. How else are you going to find or see what you like and don't like? Yeah yeah, I myself have used the "I can make a list and see it in people when I meet them the first time." That's all well and good, but that's WAY different from interacting with people and seeing specific things that you like or don't like. For example, how they hold your hand. How you actually like to be kissed, how certain situations make you feel, what your comfort level is around different people, seeing how comfortable they are around you. The more often you go out, the better you'll get at pegging this kind of stuff. Also, the more you go out, the more comfortable you will be, hence, a better dating experience for everyone. Don't stay at home with a big stick up your ass saving yourself for "the one." Fuck, I'm saving myself for "the one," but I'm sure as hell not going to miss the opportunity to glean as much as I can from different situations so I know what to do later on in life. There's SO much people can learn if they will just get out there. Stop being so affraid. What's the worst that can happen? Rejection? Please. If you're comfortable enough in you are, that wont matter.

My last experience with Daniel was one of the best of my life. I fucking hate his guts, but he taught me a lot about relationships, and me. Last year alone I had interaction with 5 different guys, one of which has carried onto this year. One completely broke my heart, another showed me how I should be treated, then left me for an inferior specimen. Was I hurt after last year? Of course! But, to quote a brilliant song "I'd rather feel pain than nothing at all" because without the pain and heartache, you CAN NOT learn to appreciate and see the good. I don't care how many movies you see, or relationships your analyze, experience pwns theory EVERY day of the week. I've been a theory mongrel since I was a child, still am to some degree but last year was one of the best years of my life because I learned SO much. I learned more about myself, and grew more than any other year prior, and I'm hoping that that continues to happen. Not so much the heartache and pain, but the growth.

I've reinforced my limits, I'm ok with breaking others, I'm not afraid to jump in and catch myself when I land, or let someone else catch me if they so desire. If you end up making contact with something slightly more uncomfortable than arms, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, make sure everything's in tact, then try again or move on. If something's out of place, fix it. Life is beautiful and it's meant to be lived, not coddled. Protection is a great thing, over protection is detrimental. Get out of your shell and go; without stepping on people along the way. Just because someone may not like you doesn't mean you're a terrible person. If they don't like you, let them. It's not your problem. Let it fucking go. Stay close to the people that love you, keep an eye on the people that hate you and don't burn bridges. You never know what situations arise in life; only drama and frustration can come out of charcoaled relationships.

For those of you that actually took the time to read all that, congratulations. You deserve medals of some kind, however they're not going to be coming from me as I have no metal to work with, and I've just realized I've wasted an hour of homework time ranting. Wonderful. Glad I have another week to get shit done. Huzzah. Better finish up.

-School is going absurdly well.
-Got another 100 on a quiz (ankle, knee and hip dysfuntions)
-Learning that real friendship is priceless
-Making pseudo-business-cards soon so that I can get out and practice MT on random people
-Learned that there is no time limit on love
-Learning that just because someone cares does not make them right, nor do they necessarily know what's best for you (relative to the individual, of course)
-Reinforced that just because someone speaks with a Christian point of view does NOT make their words biblical, or permanent
-I like Buddhists better than most Christians
-Good men still exist. I was right.
-My traveling bug is still buried in my being
-It wants out
-Learned that shaving with conditioner is FAR better than cream or gel
-People will not learn until they're ready
-Want to learn spanish. At least.

That's about it.

The end.


It's a meme

Posted on Tuesday 1.16.2007 at 16:57
I'm feeling a little: soresore
Yes, like I said. A meme.Collapse )



Posted on Saturday 1.6.2007 at 15:05
I'm feeling a little: sillysilly
Listening to: Banana phone



Posted on Sunday 12.31.2006 at 10:41
I'm feeling a little: nostalgicnostalgic
Listening to: Warren Barfield - Words of my Mouth
In 2006 I...Collapse ) Thoroughly enjoyed myself; though, the second half was better than the first. Still, a good year.



Posted on Thursday 12.28.2006 at 03:46
I'm feeling a little: bitchybitchy
FYI- because apparently everyone needs to know: girly things aheadCollapse )That and I could REALLY use a good snog. Any takers? Anyone? Anyone? Beuller?


Everyone needs to see this:

Posted on Tuesday 12.26.2006 at 00:36

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